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We Bring Future Experiences to Life

Disneyland Paris, Daikin, SNCF, BPCE, Michelin, Total, Europcar, Gedimat, Fluicity, Châteauform' are some of the major companies that have already trusted us to chart out new economic opportunities, dream up innovative experiences, design products and services, and lead teams into changing territories.

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Strategic Design Makes the Future Happen

Design is a process that represents the future, inasmuch as it makes tomorrow’s products, services and organizations tangible. It harnesses key technical, financial, and marketing skills to bring about desirable, feasible, and economically viable projects.

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Unexpected talks

Croisement(s) is our ambition to set up harmonious encounters, crossroads, questions, triggering hybridization of thoughts to generate knowledge, connecting ideas and matter to allow us to open up to unsuspected relationships.

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